Is Bob Olson's Psychic Directory Legit?

Someone asked us a question today about the well known, controversial psychic directory run by Bob Olson, and whether the reviews, and psychic mediums listed on the site, are legit.

Here is the truth about Bob Olson, and site’s like the Best Psychic Directory.

1. The psychic “mediums” who are featured on his site, pay to be featured.  

2. The fact that Bob Olson was a “private investigator” (something he claims makes the psychics on his site, somehow more credible) is completely silly.  He isn’t going through people’s trash – nor investigating the mediums who pay a fee to be listed on his site, so claims about his previous profession (a few decades ago) are silly, specious and completely irrelevant 🙂

3. Bob Olson makes a lot of money from his directory.  That’s completely fine of course – but it ought to be something that folks understand, when they hire, or call, or set an appointment with a “medium” featured on his directory.  He is running a business, and the business makes money, when mediums PAY to be featured, or recommended on his community.

4.  We have gotten TONS of complaints from folks who have hired psychics, or mediums, on the basis of their reviews on the Best Psychic Directory.  It seems like (and I don’t know if this is still true) but historically, Bob does NOT publish negative reviews on his site.  That means, you are ONLY seeing the positive reviews, and not the many folks who were disappointed with their readings.  (something we hear about each and every day, and publish with complete transparency)

What has your experience been like with Bob Olson’s psychic directory?  Share with us via email, or in the community comments below!

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