What does it feel like to wake up?  How does one know if they’re truly becoming “enlightened” or are simply wigging out, or going off the deep end?

There is much to say about the process of gaining increasing clarity and insight with respect to both your own life, and the wild and weird world around us all….but when it begins to happen, it’s often the most exciting, uplifting and yet confusing experience one can have.

There are many different experiences one can have on the road to awakening.  We’ve listed 4 of the most common, below.  Also take a quick listen as Vincent describes the process of discovering one’s own “Dharma”  (personal role in the evolution of a benevolent Universe) as it’s a great primer on putting your own unique gifts into the world, in service of actually living the life you were born to live.


http://goodkarma.link/empathsA printable workbook for waking up to your true purpose

  1. You may have had a profound spiritually transformative experience.  (like an NDE, an out of body experience, a glimpse of cosmic consciousness or something that has shaken your previous world view)
  2. You find yourself questioning thoughts, teachings or deeply ingrained ideas that have been with you for as long as you can remember.  (this is often challenging not only for yourself, but for your relationships as well.  Other people often don’t want to “wake up” with you 🙂
  3. You find yourself gravitating to people and places that have a more contemplative or introspective vibe.    This can often be true for those of us who lived wilder or more materialistic lives, only to find solace, safety or serenity in greater degrees of solitude, or amongst those who crave similar spaces.
  4. You find yourself becoming more open minded, less dogmatic, more inclusive, and generally more joyful…..and creatively focused, even if your external circumstances haven’t changed.    (many people in our community have found themselves changing careers, moving across countries or continents, and generally, feeling a shift in their attitudes towards what is a meaningful life)
  5. You probably have started to journal, or write with increased frequency.  (if that’s you…..we have a free notebook/journal you can use that is ideal for those of us who need a good creative outlet, with a spiritual bent!)

21 Signs You’re an Empath:  (Take the Empath Personality Test, Here)

Take our short, 21 self guided empath “test”
  1. You have a deep, intuitive sense of “Knowing”: Empaths feel things that most folks don’t. We know things before we’re told.  We “see” things that are invisible to others.  We have a deep connection to our intuitive senses that transcends simple gut feelings or instinct alone.
  2. You abhor violence in movies, on TV or obviously in real life.  Why?  Because you take on the pain of the victim.  Even if you’re watching a fictional portrayal of violence, you feel a sense of dis-ease seeing others suffer, or in pain.
  3. Crowds, cramp your comfort. You don’t like big public gatherings, and often feel overwhelmed with the energies and emotions of other humans (and non humans!) sharing your space.

You absorb energy.  All empaths are sponges, and taking on the emotional energy of others, is a huge trigger….keep reading for 21 empath personality signs, here.

Are you an empath, healer, light worker or spiritual seeker?  Teach what you know.  Do what you love.  Wake up the world with your work.  Join us!

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