New research has suggested that 1 to 2 percent of the population struggle to differentiate between their own bodily feelings and other people’s.

Some scientific validation for those who know your empathic experiences are deep, profound and incredibly real, and yet…..your more skeptical or secular friends and family keep rollin their eyes in your dubious direction 🙂

Empathic gifts (like all other emotions and inner experiences) are rooted in the body, brain and your biological make up.  (irrespective of what else we believe as “spiritual” seekers, there is a neurological correlate to all experience, and your empathic  experiences are no different)


3 Types of Empaths:

1. Mirror Empaths (those of us who “mirror” the inner experiences or emotions of others. For example, you feel “itchy” when you seem someone itch, or you feel hot, when you see someone who is sweaty.

2. Empaths who feel Synesthesia (or the blending of senses) For example, you see sounds, or hear colors. This is one of the most extraordinary gifts that a spiritual seeker can have, and some of the best known artistic geniuses have been identified as having the gift of Synesthesia  (where sounds may have tastes, tastes may have colors and colors may have other sensory sensations attached to them)

3. You feel the interiority and the inner life of others. The hallmark empath trait is to be highly attuned to the inner experience of others. This can manifest as compassion, empathy, loving kindness and connection.

why empaths are often celebrities

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