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Think that being an empath, healer or light worker is an easy gig?  It’s not 🙂


As many of you reading this right now can attest, living as an empath or spiritually sensitive person can  be exhausting.  This exhaustion can be compounded if you stifle or “hide” the piece of your personality that is unique.

While most people are EMPATHETIC, very few of us are actually empaths.

While there is very little true “science” of what would be considered an empath (and certainly a lot of silliness around empathic abilities) there IS some.

And while there are a spectrum of traits which fall under the empathic umbrella, the most salient traits are those that involve sensing, feeling or connecting with the emotions of others in an unusual way.  (often described as “experiencing and interiorizing the emotions of other people, places and spaces)

Overwhelmed empaths generally:

  1. Retreat from others in our orbit
  2. Go inside, both literally and metaphorically
  3. Seek out solace in nature
  4. Tend to find the news, social media and the world around us incredibly energetically overwhelming
  5. This can lead to feelings of isolation, or making very general statements about the world (and people) that are more negative than our usual positive disposition.


As a general rule, Empaths are those of us who tend to feel deeper, hurt harder and languish longer over things that other people get over very quickly.

Empaths are intense.  We can be overwhelmed easily – or be overwhelming easily, depending on company and context.

On the positive side, empaths can feel the future in ways that most folks simply can’t imagine.  Many of us can pick up enviormental cues that allow us to connect to, and apprehend parts of the natural world that others  miss completely.

Many empaths (most notably exemplified by famous mediums like John Edward, George Anderson, Theresa Caputo and Tyler Henry on their respective TV programs)  are far more likely to report experiences with spirit guides, guardian angels and other ethereal adventures.  Empaths also “feel the future” in a way that most “normal” people would eye roll and think impossible.

Angela Li (author of the Empaths Survival Guide and a contributor to our private community for spiritually sensitive people ) often describes her experiences with precognition, dream visitation and spirit guide adventures as emanating from what she calls “the fine field of feeling.”   Through meditation, she is able to access a connection to all things “invisible” many of which she later is able to offer information about that is verifiable, evidential and quite amazing.

What about you?  Tell us more about your experiences as an empath, healer or light worker – and what the #1 challenge you face as a spiritually sensitive person.

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