Are you struggling to stay afloat in 2020?  Do you find yourself swimming in an endless sea of super sensitivity?

Are you super sensitive to the moods, feeling, emotions or energy of the others around you?  (could be your family, your housemates, your classmates, your co-workers or even your closest friends?

Or maybe….like so many of us,  you find it difficult to be in public places?  Many empaths find it difficult to turn off the sense of “sponge-ness” that makes it feel like we’re absorbing ALL of the sounds and sensations of the spaces we find ourselves in.

The good news?  You’re not alone.

If you’re an empath, intuitive or spiritually sensitive person, there are many thousands of people, right NOW, JUST like you, who are having a similar spectrum of challenging  experiences that can make life feel unduly difficult, when we’re out in the “real” world.

(many empaths spend tons of time “retreating” from the world, finding our home in the safe space we create for ourselves, a cocoon that invariably leads us to leading SMALLER lives, with a diminished connection and contribution to those that we could really serve most)

empaths survival guideMake no mistake.  As an empath, a feeler, and a healer, your job on this planet is clear.  It is to step up, stand out and share your gifts with the world.  It’s NOT to step back, and retreat into the cocoon of comfort where so many of us sit.

In this new course, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to survive and thrive as an empath in 2020.  You’ll get many of your top questions answered by Andrea Liza, prominent author, entrepreneur, empath and intuitive – and you’ll get access to magical meditations designed to elevate, empower and inspire you to seize your gifts, own your purpose, and truly change the world.

The course is available on March 1, 2020.  You can save 80% when you pre-order.

Alone we can change a neighborhood. Together we can change the world.  Join us!

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