Here is a great way of making sure that 2020 is the year you get your sh#t together, and finally live your best life.

1. Get a tarot reading from Psychic Source (one of our 2020 site sponsors and recommended psychic readings for those of you looking for inexpensive, online psychic mediums and spiritual guidance you can access 24 hours a day)

2. Get super clear on your life purpose. What feels effortless, frictionless and easy for you that others find complicated, or confusing? This is often the absolute easiest path for discovering your life purpose and accentuating your natural intuitive gifts.

3. Set an intention everyday and actually embody it. (one of the best ways to actually follow through on your intentions is to anchor it to your body – find it on your fingers….or tether it to your toes!) Using mudras and mantras that capture what you want your life to look like is a great way to set a mindfulness alarm, and set your spiritual compass in the direction of your destiny. I like to choose a one word mantra each and every morning….and simply use that word as a guiding force to ensure i’m living and following my intentional values…and noticing when I deviate or go astray.

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