Here is another amazing, incredible and inspiring near death experience that has a profound ADC (after death communication) element as well. These experiences are hard to “prove” of course, from the standpoint of evidence for an afterlife, but they do transform the lives of those who have had them, in ways that literally, last a lifetime – and touch every aspect of the experiencers life, thereafter. If you want to read hundreds (or thousands) of similar near death experience stories from real people, we can’t recommend the community any more. These are people who have had profound spiritually transformative experiences, and are sharing their stories NOT for fame or book deals or in exchange for glitter or gold – but instead, as a way of healing themselves, and sharing their glimpse of what may await us all….with the world.

My experience began with me on the ground. I stood up and looked around. I was extremely confused. What I saw is so hard to describe. I had feelings of peace, calmness, pure love, and bliss all around me. What I saw was the most beautiful hue of a bright golden light all around me. The room, that was no kind of room, was a never-ending, soft hue of golden light with no walls. It was similar to a sunset in the clouds. It’s so hard to explain. There was nothing around me. I remember feeling peaceful but still confused. I had my arms crossed and was walking around, trying to figure out where I was. Then, I heard a man’s voice. I turned around and it was my husband smiling at me. At this moment, I did not know that he had been killed. He looked so happy and healthy. His hair was nicely cut, despite prior that day I was supposed to cut his hair but never got around to it. The confusing thing for me was that he had a long-sleeve, gold shirt on. I remember thinking, ‘He never dresses like that.’ I walked up to him and he put his arm around me. He walked me over and we sat down. I’m not sure what we sat on because there wasn’t any type of furniture or buildings or anything around me. When he put his arm around me, I could feel his breath. He was alive, like you and me. He kept saying to me, ‘You gotta be strong. . .You are going to make it. . .You have to be strong for the kids.’ He continued, ‘I won’t be here in body, but I’ll always be here in spirit. You gotta be strong.’ At that moment, I didn’t know I had even been in a wreck. So I kept replying over and over, ‘Chris what are you talking about? Be strong for what?’ He wouldn’t tell me anything else except he kept repeating what he was saying.

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