Near Death Experiences

Our Favorite Near Death Experience Stories (NDE during Car Accident with AfterDeath Communication)

If you want to read hundreds (or thousands) of similar near death experience stories from real people, we can’t recommend the community any more. These are people who have had profound spiritually transformative experiences, and are sharing their stories NOT for fame or book deals or in exchange for glitter or gold – but instead, as a way of healing themselves, and sharing their glimpse of what may await us all….with the world.

Afterlife Evidence

The Best Near Death Experience Story? Pam Reynolds NDE

Which NDE stories are the best? Are any near death experiences SO good, so convincing and so evidential, that they convince even the most hard core skeptic that the afterlife is real? The truth is, the Pam Reynolds case may be one of the most well documented, most “scientific” NDE’s ever recorded. It’s powerful. Pam […]

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