Here is an interesting article on some of the better evidence for past lives, reincarnation and the idea of soul mates and soul families. 

I remember the first book that I read on reincarnation years ago…..Dr. Brian Weiss’s “Many Lives, Many Masters” and it changed the way I looked at life in more ways that I can count.  The idea that life exists on a continuum….a tapestry of experiences, relationships and opportunity to grow over many lifetimes, is a complete departure from how we traditionally think about our short existence.   It’s empowering, inspiring and speaking for myself, is an incredibly helpful lens through which to look at life.  



I’ve had several past life readings in my own life that have been incredibly liberating, clarifying and eye opening, and I recommend it to everyone who is feeling stuck, or living in a more limiting space than they’d otherwise like to find themselves.

Check out the resources below on the signs you’ve lived a past life, or get a past life reading from our recommended readers, here.

It is believed that we can experience the traumas from our past lives in our present life in the form of fear or phobias. Some examples can be fear from drowning, fear of certain animal, fear of certain places, fear from a particular number, colour, object without any valid reason.Past life regression is a hypnotherapy that can help discover the reason behind unexplained fears if they are related to your past life.

am i an empath reading

am i an empath reading

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