Here are some great resources for preparing to see a psychic, or preparing to have a reading with a medium. These tips are especially powerful, insofar as they’re written and shared by the journalist and author of “After This”, a wonderful expose on the magic and mystery of what happens after we die.

2. Choose the right psychic medium

They run the gamut, from celebrity to boardwalk scam-artist. Ask friends and family for recommendations (you’d be surprised by how many people in your life have one). If you’re curious about a famous medium, read their website. Even if you can’t snag a session, they’ll probably provide a list of more accessible options.

Some mediums host what is commonly called “spirit circles,” in which they work with a large room of participants and give readings at random. You aren’t guaranteed one but it’s a good way to see how the whole thing works. It also might take some pressure off any expectations you’re holding.

A private session guarantees you a reading and protects your privacy. Think about what feels right before deciding. I’ve personally found some of the group readings quite cathartic; it can be comforting to know you aren’t alone in your desire to connect with a lost loved one.

Telephone readings can be totally legit.

5 Things to Do Before Visiting a Psychic Medium

Below, there is a video on preparing to speak to a medium that some of our readers found helpful as well.

What about you? How do you prepare to speak to a medium? Share with us on FB, or in the community comments below!

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