We get a lot of questions from spiritual professionals who want to easy, ethical and approachable ideas for building their brands.

We also get a lot of questions from people who are desperately trying to attract attention to their spiritually based business, but who are using very questionable claims about themselves, their work, their “fame” and their gifts…..in order to connect with a community and get new clients.

marketing for spiritual peopleThere is nothing worse than seeing good people try bad marketing ideas that make them look foolish (and fake) – and unfortunately, there are far too many online “gurus” who are telling (and selling) people bad advice.

If you are truly interested in building a business around your spiritual gifts, marketing yourself is critical.  But you don’t need to be inauthentic, or hyperbolic, or cheesy to get all of the new clients you need.  (and we’re going to be teaching a whole bunch of courses on this very soon – sign up here for our series on enlightened entrepreneurship.  

Here are 3 simple tips for growing a psychic or spiritual based business in 2018.

  1.  Teach a course.  The online course marketplace is booming, and there are simple and easy online course delivery platforms that are created specifically for “purpose driven” businesses.  We use Podia – it’s the ideal way to teach a course, grow a community and build a passionate audience of fans, students and clients.
  2.  Write a book!  Writing a book is so incredibly easy in 2018.  You don’t need a publisher – you just need some passion, and simple system for organizing your content.  Our “How to Write a Book that Changes the World” is ideal for spiritual teachers, and life coaches, psychics and spiritual mediums, and just about anyone with a BIG idea who needs a platform (and a strategy) for turning your prose into a profitable published book that will truly wake up the world with your words.
  3. Start a newsletter.  This is so key…and it amazes me how many people still don’t do this, even in 2018.  Podia has built in newsletters with it’s courses feature (meaning, if you teach a course, you can send a newsletter too) and we use this to reach thousands of people each and every week for rapport, relationships and conversation with our community.

What about you?  What areas of marketing your spiritual business do you find are a struggle?  Share with us on FB, or in the community comments below!


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