Types of Psychic Ability: Clairgustance

Have you ever heard of Clairgustance? It’s one of the lesser known psychic abilities (or “clairs” that are often lumped together) and is technically defined as clear tasting.

Can you imagine being overcome with a certain sensation of taste for no reason, and being immersed in the texture of a taste, or the experience of eating something that is nowhere near? Many psychic mediums will experience the specific sensation of a particular type of food when sensing a spirit, and this is often one of the most amazing and evidential types of information that impresses an audience. (usually, an audience of friends or family of the person coming through, who can verify that their loved one actually LOVED that specific taste, food or delicacy)

One of the little known benefits of having the gift of Clairgustance?

Guilt free cheesecake, baby! All of the flavor – none of the calories! (just kidding 😉

What about you? Have you ever had the sensation of a certain food, or a certain style of cuisine come through in a weird moment, that reminds you of someone you’ve lost, who has crossed? Share it with us on FB, or in the community comments below.

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