Debra Martin is a psychic medium we hear a lot about, especially from our West Coast readership. She’s a “certified” medium in the only sense of the word WE recognize – as her certification comes from the Windbridge Institute, a non profit run by the very well regarded Dr. Julie Beischel, and her husband, researcher Mark Bocozzi. (I’m sure I’m spelling his name wrong there, but he’s a very serious, well regarded scientist who studies psychic phenomena in a whole host of academic settings)

(note – just because a medium is certified by a research facility, doesn’t mean they are infallible, or genuine – but it does mean that they’ve subjected themselves to more rigorous study and examination, and come out the other side with impressive results)

Here is a recent story on Debra Martin helping to locate a missing son in Germany as featured on prime time morning TV

Lately, many of our questions about Debra Martin have been for her “healing” work, something I’m not familiar with, but was reading some of her recent FB testimonials, and some of what others we know and respect in the spiritual growth space have to say….and her resume as a medium who does healing work is quite impressive to say the least.

Have you had a psychic/medium reading with Debra Martin? Have you had a psychic healing session with her…..or any other well regarded psychic or medium? Let us know on FB, by private message, or in the community comments below.

Here is an example testimonial from Debra’s FB page from earlier today, with regard to her healing services.

Dear Debra,

I am getting back to you about the session from Friday April 13.Thank you for what you did to help me. Interestingly, you covered all parts of my body that were in need…as far as I was aware of: My eyes, sternum area (heart and lungs), lower stomach area (prostate), lower groin (testicles). I have macular degeneration. Not good for an artist. When I sense a change in vision, I am supposed to check in with my opthalmologist. For several weeks I had been contemplating seeing him because my vision seemed like it was getting worse, then this past week I noticed less distortion when checking each eye separately. So I went in Friday to see him. The scan showed no new problems since last December. My condition had not progressed to the Wet form of Macular degeneration which is my biggest fear. My vision tested 20/20 with glasses on, so I am assuming things are going well and that there is healing taking place. No pain in the groin area or anywhere else. My annual physical Friday showed no problems anywhere. It seems that the energy levels here have increased. I feel things that I haven’t felt since I was 4-5 years old. So much excitement! Positive energy! Creativity is really flowing! My outlook is GREAT. Energy feels like it is really flowing through me. My hands especially. I have been visualizing light and energy and re-listening to the MP3 recording.
Thanks again Debra! Blessings and Love to you,
David L., Tucson, AZ.

What do YOU believe about psychic healing, or spiritual mediums who can “fix” physical ailments from miles away? Are you a true blue believer, a serious skeptic or curious but not yet convinced?

In the meantime, be sure to check out Debra’s website for more information on her work, her journey and her spiritual healing work as well.

Debra is a Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Research Center where she participates in afterlife research performed by Windbridge Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel.

If you are interested in the scientific evidence for life after death, Debra suggests you become a member of The Windbridge Institute. Windbridge members receive access to new and archived issues of the quarterly e-newsletter, Winds of Change; timely news and events updates; discounts on Windbridge events and conferences; and for Enhanced Members, access to the Windbridge online Groupsite, an invitation-only, more secure, advertisement-free, searchable version of popular social networking sites where Members as well as Windbridge Researchers, Advisors, and Mediums can connect.

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