A fascinating and inspiring NDE where a mentally handicapped man, shares a vision of his deceased grandparents, with his caretakers. It’s near death experience stories like this one that we find most inspiring, and most mysterious, as here is a man who has significant cognitive challenges, and yet, after a grueling surgery, talks about what and who he saw in “heaven”, and how he was sent back to his body with a message from relatives on the other side.

How amazing is it that so many of us have such similar experiences? Regardless of our cognitive capacity, the NDE is an experience that bonds and binds people from all walks of life, in the incredible web of magic and mystery…..of what awaits us all.

After we left the surgery center, my Mom asked Bill if he saw her in Dreamland. He said, ‘No. But I saw Dad and Grandma and Grandpa.’ My Dad passed away 2 years ago and our grandparents passed away over 30 years ago. My Mom asked, ‘Really? You didn’t see me in Dreamland?’ Then he repeated it again, ‘No. I saw Dad and Grandma and Grandpa.’

We didn’t push it because he was tired, hungry and his voice was raspy. Later after dinner, my Mom asked Bill about it again without putting ideas in his head. She asked,’So what happened when you fell asleep?’ He said, ‘I saw Dad and Grandma and Grandpa.’ She asked what they said and he replied, ‘They said good job, Bill.’ Then she asked what they were doing and he said, ‘Nothing, they were just really happy.’ He said my dad was wearing his regular clothes, but with slippers. My Grandma was in a dress and shoes. Then he said, ”Then I had to leave and Dad said, ‘Tell everyone I said hello.”


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