Do atheists have near death experiences? What do they see? Do they have different experiences than religious people? If so…..HOW so?

Here is an amazing and inspiring NDE reported by an Asian woman, who says she was not only an atheist, but a very committed one, who had absolutely no belief in any religious, spiritual or transcendent ideas at all. (and describes how in her family, and culture, her NON belief in god, or an afterlife of any kind was a very fundamental piece of her identity)

Her NDE is not only an incredibly inspiring spiritual experience, but it’s truly an illustration of how profound, life changing and powerful a near death experience can be.

She also reports (like many others do) an increased psychic awareness post her experience, with really some incredible spirit guides, and understanding of how the “universe” works as a result of what she went through, during this otherwise traumatic event.

Check our her experience in full, following the short excerpt below.

Suddenly I fell into a dark tunnel and I was charging forward. I felt tremendously apprehensive, asking myself, ‘What is wrong with me? I am fine just now but how come everything changed?’ I wanted to stop and go back, but I was moving uncontrollably forward and could not head back. I screamed frantically, yet I was mute. I attempted to struggle through, but still my effort was futile. I perceived myself as a speck, hurling in an eternal circular pathway.

Although my flesh lay in the physical world, I (my soul) entered into a dimension with a barrier that separated ‘me’ and ‘my spirit.’ Clearly, I realized that it was not a dream. Instead there was something wrong with the intravenous drip. I had an allergic reaction to Penicillin. I underwent panic, felt frightened, vulnerable, and despaired while floating in this endless tunnel. I knew obviously my body still lay in bed, but I could not go back into it anymore. ‘Is this death?’ I contemplated. ‘If it is, why am I very clear-headed?’ I did not disappear, but rather I was isolated from the physical world. I felt no pain. I was hovering liked a feather and feeling very cozy.

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