Q: Who are the most famous psychic mediums in LA? Who are the psychics the celebrities see when they have a problem? (this question, paraphrased for brevity and clarity, came via our FB page this morning)

A: I think there are a few different answers to this question. First, there are the higher profile, more “fancy” mediums that get a lot of the industry buzz, that appear to be the “psychics to the stars” (a phrase that we hate) – and then there are the mediums who the locals love, and maybe, those of us who are a bit more passionate about evidential mediumship overall, as a science and genuine tool for spiritual exploration.

A good example of this would be, to me….the late Sylvia Browne. In my view, Sylvia was as psychic as my uncle joe after one glass of wine too many at Thanksgiving dinner. (he would always get drunk, and start predicting everyones future, which was always a lot of fun….err….but not so much 😉

While Sylvia was “known” as a high profile, celebrity psychic medium, to us, and to folks who pay a bit closer attention, she was just a high profile self promoter, who got a few good breaks and took advantage of them.

For a list of the psychic mediums who WE believe are famous, and are probably well worth checking out in los angeles?

Tyler Henry is the real deal. No doubt, he has a gift, is authentic and if you can swing it, he’s a local medium who is well worth checking out in person. (more likely than not, at this point….via an event, rather than a private reading)

Monica ten Kate is also someone we’d recommend checking out. I believe she is in San Diego now, and we’ve seen her do some really extraordinary readings. (and one of the contributors to our community has seen her personally twice, and came away convinced she is the real deal)

Medium Fleur is another local psychic medium in LA, who deserves a bigger audience. She has a small celebrity following….and is not all that well known, but I’d pay to see her, and definitely would recommend to you. (I’ve also seen a few “psychic readings” that Fleur has done that I wasn’t quite as impressed with, career/love/life advice style readings, rather than mediumship style readings, but her “spirit” readings to us, are super evidential and very impressive)

Jack Rourke is someone that lots of people seem to really like. Colette baron reid is another. Justine Kenzer is another. The truth is, if you live in LA, simply because it IS LA, you are going to have lots of options for getting great readings, with some of the best known mediums in the world, and you can come back and tell US who were the best!

Have you had an amazing reading with a Los Angeles psychic medium? Tell us about it on FB,or in the community comments below.

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