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UPCOMING EVENTS (Don’t worry, I’ll be adding more in other cities in the upcoming future!)


Friday, August 18 – Encinitas, CA: Click HERE for more info & tickets

Saturday, October 21 – Encinitas, CA: Click HERE for more info & tickets

Saturday, December 9 – Encinitas, CA: Click HERE for more info & tickets

Happy Birthday to my medium mama, mentor, friend for life, & funniest gal I know!!! Love ya @mediumnextdoor

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Readers Choice: Monica Ten Kate (Monica the Medium)

When we surveyed our members earlier in June about the list of mediums YOU’D love to see, of the top list of 10 results, (we had over 30 different psychic mediums make the list….many of whom we’d never heard of, which is the POINT of asking for YOUR feedback 🙂 Monica the Medium ranked close to the top. Monica is actually not a medium we have a lot of experience with, although I do remember writing about her a few years ago, when I believe…..she was a small town college girl who was making BIG waves on campus, due to her extracurricular activities as a medium.

Watching her popularity grow over the last few years is not a surprise, as she has hollywood celebrity good looks, a million dollar smile and based on her social media interaction with her fans and followers, seems like a really down to earth and approachable vibe, which in a world of spiritual snobbery….. is very appealing to see.

Of course, as a professional, none of that matters if her mediumship skills aren’t top notch…and based on your experiences, at many of her events, and your passionate feedback, Monica is the real deal for sure.

Read 30 things about Monica Ten Kate you didn’t know, here. 😉


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