James Van Praagh Reviews?

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What are your thoughts about James Van Praagh? How much does a reading with James cost? Is he accurate in person, or just on TV?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about our feelings on JVP over the years. He’s one of those mediums that I personally, just can’t make a firm decision on. Why? There is something about James that feels a little bit theatric to me, and some of the things he has said over the years, have been decidedly “anti-scientific” and a bit of a stretch….EVEN for a topic as controversial as psychic mediumship, and life after death.

One of the things we appreciate about famous mediums like John Edward, or even someone like Tyler Henry, is they seem to acknowledge how little we know about what happens after we die, and seem humbled and genuinely curious about how all of this stuff works.

Sometimes, and this is just a personal opinion, I get the OPPOSITE feeling from James Van Praagh….as he seems to appear like he has all of the answers, knows exactly what everything means, and makes BIG and bold proclomations about the “rules of the universe”. To us, that comes across as a bit of a red flag.

That said, many people seem to love him, and the work he does in the world.

Here is a review of a James Van Praagh event that we’ve cited before. It’s open minded, honest, and covers both his “hits” as well as his misses, with some interesting thoughts by others who have seen him, in the comments section of the article.

What are YOUR thoughts on JVP? Have you had a reading? Been to an event? Tell us what you think! (good, bad or indifferent – we really want to know!)

Check out the full review of a James Van Praagh event, below:

Were some of his hits truly amazing? Yes. Absolutely. Were his amazing hits numerous enough to convince me without the shadow of a doubt that he was connecting to deceased people? No.

I can’t say that I am 100% convinced based on James Van Praagh’s performance. I saw a bit too much shot gunning, retrofitting and vague guesses. However, some of the more accurate hits were detailed and specific enough that I was filled with awe. Although I remain undecided, I’m definitely intrigued and my belief in the possibility of mediumship certainly didn’t decrease after this experience.

I hope James Van Praagh comes back to New Jersey again so that I can attend another show. Even if I haven’t decided on his abilities, I did truly enjoy the experience overall. His message was overwhelmingly positive and he has a gentle spirit that exudes kindness and love. We walked into that theatre and for two hours confronted death in all of its darkest shades and forms. Yet, at the end of the show, we all walked out of the theatre feeling uplifted, hopeful and at peace. In our push for scientific evidence and proof, I think sometimes we forget the power of faith to transform us and carry us through our darkest times. For those who found their faith in James Van Praagh that night, a little light was shined into their lives and they were given the courage to face another day under the burden of crushing grief. It may have been a beautiful connection to spirit, or simply a beautiful illusion, but I think everyone in that audience could agree that it was definitely a beautiful experience.

A Complete and Honest Account of The James Van Praagh Evening of Mediumship in Morristown, NJ

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