Do near death experience cause psychic abilities? Can you be “normal” before an NDE, and come back with a psychic gift or the ability to see and speak to spirit?

There is actually a lot of data on the relationship between psychic gifts, and spiritually transformative experiences like an NDE. Here is a brief conversation we had on our FB page earlier today. I’m curious, what do YOU believe about the intersection between psychic experiences, and spiritual ones? Is it a loss of fear, or an awakening experience that leads to cultivation of intuition and deep connection to spirit…..or is it merely a brain based, biological change that makes us FEEL like we are?

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Susan: As the article states, this is not a gift, however I do feel it is an ability. This is information that comes through the senses and is then interpreted by understanding your own language of self. The article then talks about NDE as being a catalyst to this information. I believe it isn’t something that starts after an NDE, but something that ends and that ending is fear. Fear blocks us from experiencing information as communication because we ” aren’t supposed to be able to do that “! To be a Medium has not to do with religion or being a guru of some kind, but to be a good listener through your entire body.

Famous Psychic Mediums: All very good points, Susan – and well said! I don’t think an NDE “causes” psychic or intuitive abilities per se either – but there is no doubt they are a well known facilitator – or before and after “line in the sand” point – and something that has been studied by most serious academic research into what an NDE actually is. There are many folks, for example – who have had NDE’s and have “returned” with newfound musical abilities, and gifts that defy explanation – (there is a very well known case of a Doctor, I forget his name – but he had an NDE and now composes classical music and performs for a living 🙂 – there is much science that may suggest that there are brain changes that take place in an NDE that would lead to these sort of post experience inclinations – much the way mindfulness meditation or other similar practices are also shown to “change the brain” and activate new pathways. (areas that regulate deep listening/compassion, etc – something called neuroplasticity and innate in all of us) I don’t think those qualities are tied to a “loss of fear” per se – and as all of our experiences are modulated through a body – it makes sense to us that the same mechanism would be at play – in one degree or another – post spiritually transformative experience. Appreciate your thoughts -they are good ones to ponder!

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