What is your purpose? Do you feel one? Have you FOUND one? What is it that keeps you from discovering your dharma and doing the work the world REALLY wants from you?

One of the most amazing experiences we have had as a community (the famous psychic medium directory, in conjunction with our extended social media and newsletter audience) has been interviewing many ordinary people who have had EXTRA ordinary life changing spiritual experiences. One of the most interesting elements of these experiences, is the idea, especially during NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (NDE’s) that people returned with a powerful and profound sense of CERTAINTY that there was something in this life they returned to do.

Many NDE survivors don’t recall exactly WHAT that purpose is or was, but most have this incredible sense that they were told to come back, as they have work that remains undone.

Many spiritual people find that to be inspiring and powerfully profound – as there is nothing better than getting up everyday and feeling like you are truly doing the work that you are uniquely and specifically called to do.

Skeptics, often think that these experiences (especially NDE’s) are merely a side effect of a brain blip that happens when our survival instincts kick in, during the last moments of life.

I say, after talking to well over 100 people who have had NDE’s specifically (amongst many other fasincating spiritual experiences) that it really doens’t matter which one you believe.

Because regardless of whether you believe spiritually transformative experiences are REAL, or byproducts of dying brain, either way….there is something that is hard coded into our bodies and brains that life has purpose, and that it is our primary mission here on Earth, to discover what that is.

If you want to truly make the most out of your life, and enjoy it in ways that bring power and passion and PEACE to your inner world, and hope, healing and help to others, you have to align with your purpose. Period.

so what is yours? What does the universe want to do uniquely through you? Share with us on Facebook……or join our brand new private community of spiritual junkies and ethereal explorers HERE, and connect with other light workers, afterlife adventurers and spiritual seekers around the web…and the world.

Also check out this great video (and article) from Cherie Aimée – an enlightened entrepreneur who had a life changing NDE years ago – and now helps others discover their own purpose through her entrepreneurial programs.


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