What is a Shared Death Experience?

What is a shared death experience? How does it differ from a NDE? Are they the same thing….and if not, WHY not?

A shared death experience is when someone “shares” or has the same experience as the person having an NDE, or an actual death shared death experiencesexperience. Many people report accompanying a loved one during an NDE, going to the light….seeing deceased loved ones, and sharing the joy and the journey with a person coming close to death. (but NOT going all the way, or not going across the barrier where the loved one continues on)

The shared death experience is actually a term coined by NDE pioneer, Dr Raymond Moody. (he’s written a book about it as well)

Shared death experiences are powerful, profound and life changing spiritual adventures. They are often shared by multiple people who are caring for a loved one in the moments leading up to death. (siblings, for example, caring for a parent who is in the process of crossing, are notable in the shared death experience literature, and give a modicum of “proof” that the experience is real, as they can cross validate the common features of the phenomena in a way that is very hard to disregard, or wave away as imaginary)

Here is a very cool example of ONE type of shared death experience. This woman didn’t “go anywhere” per se, but she felt, very strongly, the energy of a loved one (her grandmother) as she crossed from this world, into the mysterious one that awaits 🙂 REad the whole story at the link following the short excerpt below:

The next morning I got the call while I was at the hairdresser that grandma had died. I got over there as soon as I could, but her body was already taken to the mortuary. So I was sitting with my mother and aunt as described above. My grandmother and I would sit together on the couch while we watched our soap operas and she had the habit of patting my knee. As I mentioned before my mother had just said she felt something and at that exact moment I felt my knee being patted and I looked down and saw nothing. But right then I felt this incredible rush, feeling, spirit, whatever you want to call it go through my body and up towards the ceiling. The feeling was one of incredible joy, happiness, peace, love, etc. don’t have the words! I actually thought I had put my arms up to go with her, but didn’t according to my aunt. She was free is what she was telling me, she hated her body at the end.

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