Q:  Who are the best psychics in New York City?  Should I see someone local if I live in Manhattan, or should I just simply call someone who lives out of state, or anywhere in the world?

We get a fair amount of questions about picking the best or top psychics or mediums in any given locality.  NYC, for reasons of size alone, is not surprisingly, one of the most places most often requested for a list of the best mediums or spiritual services.

Here are some of your options, and a few warnings and words of wisdom when searching for NYC psychics and mediums:

1 – Check out the listings on our directory for New York spiritual services.  We have a bunch  of NY based mediums, and many more who do readings out of state, for NYC based clientele.

2 – Find psychics in Manhattan on Yelp.  While Yelp is NOT our first choice when it comes to recommending any type of spiritual (or other type) of professional, you do get a fairly curated collection of reviews, which DOES help to winnow away many of the less reputable professionals in any niche, which unfortunately, in 2017, there are a fair amount of the spiritual helping/healing and divination style spaces.

3 – Check out a directory like BestPsychicDirectory.com – BUT, with the following caveat.  Members listed as “featured” or legitimate, often pay a fee to be featured, or have some sort of financial relationship with the site owner.  (as we often do as well for featured listings, or those who will pay for more promiment  positioning on our communities, but we would NEVER rate someone as “legitimate” predicated on payment or compensation…..full stop)  Be mindful of this, as no one single person should be the arbiter of which psychics are “real” in NYC, or anywhere else for that matter.

4 – Be very wary of any psychic or medium who publishes a “percentage” of how accurate they are.  Many psychics will say something like – “proven 95%” accuracy.  This is complete and utter nonsense and in our view, should immediately discount the credibility of the clairvoyant in question.  Psychic abilities are fluid, fluxuate and aren’t not as reliable as many of us would like.  One day, someone may be 100% “on point” and then have a session where nothing comes through at all.  This is just how the magical and mysterious invisible world works….and anyone who makes grandiose claims about their “statistics” that sound too good to be true, probably is.

Who do YOU think are the best psychics in manhattan?  Have you had a great experience with a medium in New York that you’d love to share?  Tell us about him or her on our FB page, or in the community comments below.

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