We get this question a lot! 🙂 And of course, there really is no answer. (it’s like saying – who is the best writer in the world, or who is the best person, or who is the most spiritual person alive, etc) There are many, many ordinary people with extraordinary gifts as well, and these are folks most of us will never hear about, simply because these people don’t seek this work, or the attention that comes with it.

That being said, we DO have a short list of our favorite mediums, and we’ve started a list featuring some examples of their work, below! (this is from our FB page, and features a playlist of videos from Janet Nohavec, Paul Selig and Gordon Smith, 3 mediums and spiritual teachers we believe are at the very top of their game) Who do YOU think deserves to be on this list? Share with us on Facebook….or in the community comments below.

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