Is reincarnation real? What do Christianity say about past lives? Do Muslims believe in karma or past lives? And if so….how so? What does science have to say about the idea of reincarnation? Finally, if reincarnation or past lives are true and really happen, how does it work and what can I expect after I die?

Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, we get more questions, and more areas of diagreement and dispute, even within the spiritual community about the idea of past lives and reincarnation than just about any other. I’ve spoken to many top notch psychic mediums, spiritual junkies and parasychologists who think that reincarnation is 100% true…and many others, even those who get messages from beyond, who say it doesn’t happen at all. (or if it does, it happens very differently than most of us believe)

If you are looking for a good FAQ for what some of the various religious traditions say about reincarnation and past lives, this is a good resource to check out. What about you, by the way? Have you had an experience with a past life memory or series of experiences that shed light on what happens after we die? Share it with us in the community comments, or on our Facebook page as well!

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