I find that there is nothing more inspirational than reading the NDE accounts of ordinary people who have had an extraordinary adventure in the “afterlife”.  Regardless of what you believe about the nature of life, death and the magic and mystery that lies in between, the Near Death Experience says something incredibly powerful and profound about what it means to be alive.

I’ve had many skeptics and cynics say…..hey, but these are all hallucinations, what good can they possibly do to read?  The truth is, while I disagree with this idea (that they are hallucinations) even if you DO believe this, knowing that we are hard wired to die in a beautiful state, with feelings of love, light beauty and bliss is incredibly inspiring on it’s own.

So either these accounts are true in the purest sense of word (NDE’rs ARE experiencing the realms that await after death) OR, they are merely natures own way of giving us a hopeful and happy death, they are incredibly transformational to read.

Check out one of my recent favorites below!


It was there that I saw myself! I was floating above myself, but really above, not at the side or in a corner. It was very pleasant. I saw myself asleep, at peace and at the same time I was above, tied to my body with a thick thread like a cord.  This was reassuring as I could move above my body without getting lost. I was myself but like an energy that felt many things. Time was slow but events were passing fast. I was ultra lucid. There was no sound; I didn’t hear anything.  I was like in a bubble. I remember that I looked through the skylight that was now facing me.  At the same height, as I was floating 1 to 2 meters above myself.  I have a memory that I looked at the roofs. I recall this moment where I watched the roofs and very lucidly reflected about my life. Then the most beautiful happened. A bright white light appeared, but it did not have blinding luminosity.  On the contrary, it was captivating and full of love.  The light appeared in my field of vision.  My field of vision was that I could see around myself, below, and etc.  It emanated from a place that seemed to lead somewhere. But I really couldn’t move. This light nevertheless came close, as if I had zoomed it.

I saw no tunnel, as the light even emanated at the interior. I saw no silhouette.  There was no communication. I didn’t see my life passing in front of me. But this light was alive and in fact, it marked me. It was unconditional love. It was as if I also was this light, like a soulmate. It was an energy like myself, but more dissipated and it diffused everywhere. I could spend hours to describe it, to look for the right words. I often think about it.  It is like a love that you cannot forget. It didn’t say anything.  It came close and illuminated me as we watched each other. Then I remembered my body and this ‘bubble’ effect was lesser. I was hearing again.  My brother was screaming and banging at the door of my apartment; I didn’t understand at once who it was. Then I felt sick to hear those screams and bangs, as if somebody was trying to join me.  My ‘living me’ regained life when I integrated into my body through my head; my brain, the eyes and ears, and respiration.


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