Looking for some good spiritual reading this Spring from 2 of the best known and most accomplished psychic mediums in the US?  Look no more! 🙂

New books are coming out this Spring from both Kim Russo (the Happy Medium) as well as reclusive by talented medium George Anderson, one of the most gifted, yet often overlooked spiritual authors & teachers in the world today.

kim russo happy mediumKim Russo is well known for her celebrity readings on The Haunting Of……TV series, and other high profile work on TV, and in the media.  (she also seems like one of the most down to earth celebrities out there, and someone you’d really want to meet)

You can pre-order her newest book, scheduled for a May release HERE.

George Anderson (also from Long Island…what’s with all of these super talented, famous NY mediums!??!) also has a new book coming out in June, and one definitely worth reading if you are serious about exploring spiritual ideas around the transition between this world, and the next.

George Anderson’s books were my own introduction to the wild, weird and wacky world of spirit communication many years ago.  (and were really the first writings that led me to take seriously, the idea that life COULD continue after the death of the body, simply due to the strength of some of the evidential information that was attested to in his books, and live on air readings)

We will be reviewing BOTH books for our newsletter community – you can subscribe here to get updates when they’re out, and I’ll we’ll share our thoughts on both.

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