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Now Reading: Tyler Henry Reads Carmen Electra


Tyler Henry Reads Carmen Electra

Who else is a huge fan of Tyler Henry and the Hollywood Medium?  Okay…..who else is a huge fan of Carmen Electra?  (I may be the only one with his hand raised on this one 😉

But, if you’ve ever wondered what a reading with Tyler and Carmen would look like….wonder no more!

In all seriousness, here is a very touching and emotional reading where Tyler connects with Carmen’s mother, and apparently, well beyond the clip here, really seemed to impress her that the information that came through was evidential in a way that was helpful, healing and reassuring.  (what all good readings ought to be)

Did you know that Carmen Electra was also married to Prince?  I didn’t until his tragic passing last week.  Did you also know that Prince was a very active lucid dreamer, who claimed that much of this creative inspiration came from “the other side” and reported many psychic and spiritual experiences that were very medium-like himself?  It’s very cool stuff, and something we’re exploring a bit more about here over the next few weeks.  (the link between creativity and spiritual experience)

Here is a Tyler Henry and Carmen clip – let us know what you think on Facebook, or in the community comments below.


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    Tyler Henry Reads Carmen Electra

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