Ever wonder what a live event with a famous or celebrity psychic medium is like for the average person? Here is a great writeup of one woman’s experience at a James Van Praagh event in New Jersey, and the conclusions she has drawn from the experience.

We’ve had a few similar experiences with some well known psychic mediums, where we’ve gone incognito to a live event, and written about, reviewed and described the sessions to our own newsletter audience. (most famously and well read…..a John Edward event with skeptics and believers alike, and most recently, a Roland Comtois event here in Florida in 2016)

A lot of what Jenn describes in her post below, we can not only relate to, but many of our own readers acknowledge is part of their own experience as well. Check out the full article at the link following the short excerpt below.

When I found out that James Van Praagh was coming to a town near me to do a large-audience mediumship demonstration, I jumped at the chance to see one of the most famous mediums (at least in the US) ply his trade.  I made up my mind to go into the show as an investigator and an open-minded skeptic, well-aware that Mr. Van Praagh could employ some or all of the many tricks used by fraudulent mediums to convince audiences that they are speaking to the dead.  On the other hand, I reserved some hope that James Van Praagh by virtue of his popularity would wow the audience with hit after hit containing specific and detailed information that could not have been gained through hot or cold reading.  My mother has a degree in psychology and agreed to accompany me to the show to help watch for any trickery and to also analyze the performance for cold reading techniques.


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