What do Psychics believe?  What do mediums, spiritual teachers, and intuitive authors REALLY stand for?  What makes us get up in the morning…and do our best to wake up the world through our work?

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about what inspires, motivates and calls our community to do the work that many of our members do.  And the answer is, each and every person does what they do for slightly different reasons.  But the one thing I’ve learned in my own experience with many healers, helpers, teachers, trainers, yogi’s, wellness workers and people of passion who truly are “enlightened” entrepreneurs in their own areas of expertise……while the motivations may be slightly different for all, the underlying story is always the same.

People of passion and purpose who are inspired to influence the world in wonderful ways.  To alleviate pain and suffering, often in friend and foe alike.  A commitment to kindness and compassion.  And the idea that what we do with our lives matters in magical and meaningful ways that are bigger, bolder and more beautiful than meet the eye.

A few days ago, we asked our members to share what they REALLY teach.  What their “1 Thing” is.  When they distill and dissect and deconstruct the wisdom of their words, and the magic of their message…..what does it REALLY mean to them, who does it help, and why does it matter?

Over the last few days we’ve gotten many great emails with some of the amazing and inspiring spiritual stories that have made many of our mediums who they are today.  I’m honored to share some of these intimate, inspiring and profoundly personal stories from our community, in the hope that they inspire you to find YOUR 1 thing as well!

Today’s “1” thing is shared by Janny Di.  Janny was kind enough to share much more of her story in an interview we did together a few months ago, and she shares a little bit more about her motivation below.

 Aside from all that I know my “Thing” is a calling. It’s a calling to get people back on track so that they can live the life they deserve to. Everyone deserves fulfillment, love and happiness in their life.

From the very first time I saw a “turn-around” with a person,I knew I was in the right business. Seeing someone who comes to you depressed,desperate and just beaten down actually flourish and become who they deserve to be is my “Thing”.We are all here to help each other. We are also all entitled to a great life!

   So if I had to sum it up,I’d say my greatest ability is to give the gift of hope. Letting people know there is always a way through the darkness into the light ! Namaste !

Read Janny’s interview on on the Famous Psychic Mediums directory HERE, or check out the rest of her “thing” on her blog post HERE! Thanks Janny! (and don’t forget to check out her newest book on Amazon as well 🙂