Does it hurt to die?  Is it scary?  What goes through a persons mind when they begin to cross over to the other side?  Are near death experiences pleasant…….or are they the worst sorts of things a person can experience?

We get a lot of questions about what it feels like to die, and the truth is, there are so many inspiring, amazing and astonishing accounts of people who have come close to the edge of death and returned, that it’s actually EASY to get an avalanche of accounts of what death is really like, from the actual folks who have been there and lived to tell the tale.

And although we spend a lot of our time discussing afterlife accounts from the many psychics and mediums who are part of our community, and much of what THEY believe the dead want us to know, the truth is, in my view…’s actually equally as inspiring to read for yourself what many near death experience survivors say about life, death and what they NOW believe after they’ve taken the adventure.  (or at least, enough of it to know what it feels like, and what you and I should expect when we take the same journey when the time comes ourselves 🙂

My FAVORITE site for near death experience stories?

The amazing accounts reported at – a free website hosted by Dr’s (and authors) Jeffery and Jody Long, which has over 4000 NDE stories from real people, who have taken the time to fill out the facts, and document the details of their extraordinary experiences.

Check out the site at the link following the short excerpt below – and if you are curious but NOT yet convinced, and want to feel a sense of wonder about what may await us all, I highly recommend reading some of the extraordinary accounts that are sure to make you reconsider (or re-affirm) your belief about life, death and the passion and purpose that underpins all of our lives.  Enjoy 🙂


Then once I accept I would die, it started to feel great.  At this point, the white light appeared.  I felt I was moving towards it and was feeling better the closer I got to the light. It was very strange, I saw no one but felt as if I were surrounded by untold numbers of benevolent entities.  I could feel their presence and all pleasant. The further I entered into the light, the more pleasant it got.  The light had an emotional overtone to it. I have NEVER felt anything that felt as real as this in my life; never have I felt so at peace. I was at the verge of inhaling water, as it felt so good trickling down my throat; it really felt good. Then I remembered I had stuck a utility knife razor in the tiny pocket of my blue jean before leaving for the canoe trip. Then the terror came back, giving me enough adrenaline to reach down and cut the ropes on my leg. Once the ropes were cut, I could move. I came to the surface.  I floated for 5 minutes, as I had no strength left.

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