KARMIC-LOGOIs my house haunted?  Do I have a spirit hanging around my home?  Can spirits do me harm…..or is that just a bunch of silly new age nonsense you see in the movies?  What is the difference between a haunting, and a “normal” ghost?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, we get questions about hauntings, apparitions, and sneaky spirits just about every day, and it amazes me how many different ideas, opinions and perspectives there are on what they mean.

Some people are convinced ALL spirit activity is “evil” and something to fear.

Others, welcome the incoporeal company….and wish that more spirits would show up to join them!  (often people who have lost a loved one, and are fairly certain that the spirit or discarnate personality in the home is someone they know, miss and love.

Others still write to us to say that all talk about ghosts and spirits is pure silliness……and then proceed to tell us their experiences anyway.

The truth is, from my own personal ethereal experiences, I can tell you that there is absolutely no doubt that the consciousness of those we love continues on after the death of their physical body.  I know this, because I’ve had the first hand, visual ADC’s (after death communication) experiences that “prove” it to me in the very same way I establish evidence in other areas of my life.  (no different than I know I have a neighbor named Mary, who I’m watching pick up her mail at the curb as I type these words)

That said, I don’t know that my own theories about HOW apparitions interact with our world is true – it’s just a guess, based on my experiences and the hundreds of interviews and adventures I’ve had with others who work in this field, or who have shared similar stories.

Here is a pretty interesting article from a phone psychic network on how ghosts may differ from hauntings, and how simple energy may lie at the center of all paranormal experiences….something I tend to agree with as well.  I also like the idea of “imprints” in the enviorment as a way to explain many seemingly haunted situations where the ghost…..or the energy, doesn’t seem to interact with the people or place in any other way, other than seemingly going about it’s business and acting more like an actor in a movie who keeps replaying the same scene.

Of course, whether this is RIGHT or not…..I’m 100% sure I don’t know.  But really….the beauty is, neither really does anyone else – it’s the MAGIC and the mystery that makes all spiritual experiences so cool.  Tell us what YOU believe on our Facebook page….or in the community comments below!  Enjoy..and you can read the full article at the link below.


Emotional Imprints 

In my experience (and the research agrees), most hauntings are not negative experiences. They are often nothing more than emotional imprints. An emotional imprint is energy that is left in the energetic field of a place. It’s like a distinct marking of an event that contained heightened emotions. Have you ever heard of the hitchhiking ghost who walks along the road where they were struck and killed? If you see that ghost, what you’re actually seeing is the emotional imprint that event created. It does not mean that the spirit of the person is stuck wandering that stretch of road for all eternity. It’s just that the emotional energy of the event is sealed in that place.

Everything Has Energy

Everything has energy and is surrounded by energy. It’s like a photograph—a moment in time has been captured and is being viewed. When it comes to ghosts, that “photograph” is being viewed over and over again. Once the story is shared, others become more open to viewing it. This is how the story of a haunting begins.

The Spirits Around Us

We tend to think of ghosts as earthbound spirits, but just because spirits are around us, it doesn’t mean they’re earthbound. Because spirits no longer inhabit a physical body, they are not easily noticed. So when we notice them, we think it’s a special event—a haunting! However, it’s important to note that the reason we often see ghosts is because they are working to be seen! They may be trying to connect with you because they want to tell you something. Or, if they lived in the house you live in now, they could just be making their presence known. Or you could just be seeing the imprint they’ve left behind. How can you tell the difference? I just ask the ghost! But you have to be willing to listen for the answer. Sometimes the answer comes in a direct way. Many times it comes as pictures in your mind, a feeling within or as something that happens down the road.

Helping, Not Harming 

Another thing to know is that spirits are usually looking to help, not harm. If their presence makes you uncomfortable, politely ask them to back off and tell them that they are making you nervous. Generally, they will oblige. But if you feel like you’re being haunted, or know that you’re being haunted and would like help getting the spirit to back off or would like to communicate with them directly, a psychic medium is your best bet.

Who’s haunting you?