Chakra’s, Aura’s and the Energy Body

Looking for some more information on how your body’s energy flow or spiritual structure relates to the Chakra system?

The truth is, Chakra’s, and the whole idea of a subtle, invisible “energy body” are really at the core of all esoteric, alternative and eastern wisdom traditions.  There are many disparate ideas about how (or even IF) they work or are “really there”……but in terms of a sophisticated spiritual wisdom that has transcended countries, continents, cultures and centuries of human history, there is very little that is more intriguing to the aspiring YOGI, healer or spiritual aspirant than an overview of Chakra’s.  (and the amazing array of extraordinary human experiences that emanate from their presence – from out of body and astral projection experiences, to NDE’s, to accupuncture and deep mystical meditative experiences, and much much more)

Here is a great little instructional infographic that takes a closer look at the Chakra’s, and their cooresponding emotional outcomes throughout the energy body.  Agree with them or not, (and some of our readers have pointed out flaws in how they see this image) this is a great way of visualizing what many spiritual seekers have been talking about for years!

Enjoy 🙂

Special thanks to CharaHealing. Com for a creative infographic that puts all of these ideas into a visual form.

do i have an aura

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