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Psychic Intervention (Video)

What are your thoughts about the new show – Psychic Intervention, featuring the “Happy Medium”, Kim Russo?

We have always been big fans of “….The Haunting Of” and really think Kim has that celebrity “IT” factor that works really well for TV, and could help propel her career to new mainstream heights as well, so it’s great to see her get another show, with an even larger audience and appeal.

We also get a lot of questions about Kim as a psychic medium as well, based in large part, on her appearance on other TV shows as well – if you’ve had a reading with Kim Russo – share your experience on her listing here – good, bad, or anywhere in between, our audience want to hear about it!

Here is a short video of the November 22nd (this weekend past) edition of Psychic Intervention – so let us know if you saw the show, and if so….what you thought!

Enjoy….and you can follow Kim Russo on Twitter, right here!

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    Psychic Intervention (Video)

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