For those of you not on our mailing list……here is the short email we just sent out to our community.  If you are interested in learning more about our new 7 week psychic development program before it opens, send us an email –, or leave us a note in the community comments section below.   (email copy is below 🙂

Would you be interested in “beta” testing a new psychic development course we have coming in September?

The program is going to consist of 2 “modules”

1) 7-10 super specific and structured lessons, in the form of very powerful meditative techniques that are used to enhance everything from intuition….to having profound spiritual experiences of all types, as well as generally improving one’s life in all sorts of other amazing ways.

2) Live, interactive online text “chat” sessions with me (or one of the other hand selected psychics, spiritual teachers or trainers from our community) where we will cover these techniques in depth and detail one on one and how to apply them in your own life on a daily basis.

We have about 4500 people on our newsletter list…and the beta program will only be available to about the first 100 people who respond, and who I feel are a good fit.

Simply stated, as those of you who have worked with me in the past will attest…..these are NOT the sort of “every day techniques” you’ll see other intuitive professionals “teaching”, but instead…..really powerful, really profound and really practical tools and techniques that lead to true transformation. (both spiritually, and in everyday practical life interactions as well)

The beta course will launch right after labor day, and will last 7 weeks. There will be one lesson per week, and you and I will “meet” online once per week to refine the exercises, gauge your progress, and learn how to apply each approach to your daily life as well.

If you are interested in opening a wide window into the wonderful world of profound spiritual experience….simply send us an email to, tell us a little bit about yourself, and I’ll share the program details. (serious spiritual seekers only, please 🙂

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