How often do people report having a near death experience?

Do NDE’s ONLY occur to people who are resuscitated in a hospital setting, or can they happen to folks who never have any human intervention at all? Do people who report NDE’s want attention……and are they likely to be using their story to get it, or, are there many MORE NDE’S that are NOT reported, because people are afraid to share their stories out of fear of being labeled nuts, crazy or delusional?

Some interesting thoughts on the commonality of NDE’s at the article below……well worth checking out if you are curious about the experience, and what it may mean for the rest of us as well 🙂

Whatever the explanations behind them, NDEs have a significant impact on many people.

13 million Americans, or 5 percent of the nation’s population, had experienced an NDE as of 1992, according to a 1992 Gallup poll cited by the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation.

 –774 NDEs per day are experienced in the United States, according to the same poll. That means another 6 million or so Americans may have had NDEs since the 1992 poll, raising the number of Americans who have had an NDE from 13 million to 19 million.

-A survey of 2,000 people in Germany published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies in 2011 found 4 percent had experienced an NDE.

-A 1982 Gallup poll found that 15 percent of all Americans who had almost died (under widely varying circumstances) reported an NDE. About 9 percent reported the “classic out-of-body experience,” 11 percent said they entered another realm, 8 percent encountered spiritual beings, and only 1 percent had negative experiences. The findings were published in the book “Adventures in Immortality,” by pollsters George Gallup Jr. and William Proctor.

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