Does Theresa Caputo cheat?  Has she been caught getting advance information about her clients ahead of time?  Is the show a big scam?  The truth is, over the last few weeks….there have been a number of public accusations that the Long Island Medium is a scripted show….with all sorts of claims that Theresa Caputo does information mining prior to doing a reading.  (something that’s also been stated about her public events – and that there are audience “spotters” whose job it is to blend in and eavesdrop in on the conversations taking place, and then to relay that information BACK to Theresa, so that she has a “psychic” sense of who has lost who…and how)

The fact is, this sort of claim has been levied at just about EVERY single psychic medium in the history of existence who has gotten any kind of acclaim at all.  As a matter of fact, after seeing John Edward in a small group setting a few times, and being incredibly impressed with the amazing accuracy of the sessions…….several of our skeptical community members commented that he had been CAUGHT using the exact methods that Theresa is being accused of, above.

My own feeling is simple.

TV is entertainment.  There are scripts, budgets, deadlines, ratings and both inspirational, and entertainment value to consider.

Would I be shocked to know that the TV show (the Long Island Medium) has less than scientific grade “controls” over the readings that we see on the program?  Of course not.  It should be expected to some degree. It’s TV.

But…would I be shocked to learn that there are PROVEN and genuine and verifiable claims of collusion on the show…where people are conspring to pull the wool over the eyes of millions of people at home, many of whom look to the show, and to Theresa Caputo to find hope that THEIR loved ones are also in a place of love, light, beauty and bliss?

Yes, I would.  And after 20 years of personal experiences with psychics, mediums, and watching thousands of ordinary people have extraordinary experiences with spirit, no amount of skeptical debunking….of any ONE psychic medium, is going to erase those life changing, paradigm shifting and eye opening adventures that genuine experiences can convey.

Plus, I happen to like Theresa Caputo a lot personally from what I’ve seen of her (and I’ve watched her work long before she was a household name) and simply don’t believe she needs to do what her detractors want to accuse her (and anyone else who claims to speak to spirit) of.

For more on the Long Island Medium TV show scandal…..check out Radar Online below.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has come under fire from former guests, clients, investigators and now members of her own profession are weighing in on her scandal with one psychic saying that if she is not being truthful about learning information prior to reading people that may be “bordering on criminal.”

The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth ( Radio Show spoke with two psychic mediums and one past life reader who shared their own opinions about the beleaguered TLC reality star and has the exclusive audio of their characterizations of Caputo.

As Radar previously reported, one client of Caputo’s claimed that she suspected the Long Island Medium could have been given information about her personal life before actually meeting her.



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