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Contacting Theresa Caputo

How much does Theresa Caputo charge? Are her private readings expensive? How difficult is it to book an appointement with her in person?

We get ALOT of questions about booking an appointment to see Theresa Caputo, especially on Sunday and Monday nights, when the Long Island Medium airs most heavily.

The truth is, while we do have a fair amount of information about her on our site in different spots, you can’t make an appointment to see her privately through US, or through any other third party psychic community site that I know of.

If you want to speak to her in person – check out her website booking form directly and wait for her official representatives to contact you.

From our understanding…..her readings are booked up to 2 years in advance, and while I’m not going to quote a price here (as I’m not 100% sure what her rates are now in 2014) DO expect to pay a pretty fat sum to get private access to TC.

For some more info on how to contact Theresa Caputo from around the web….check out a few of the additional resources listed at the link below.

>A quick update for those of you looking to make an appointment to speak to Theresa Caputo.

This is the closest thing I could find to a price. Your best bet is to contact her through her website, but she is booked for the next 2 years, with people on the waiting list behind that. I would suggest finding a different medium.

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Thorsmama: 1 year ago | Last edited at 10:58AM on 10/23/2012

I don’t know, but there is a 3 yr waiting list to see her, so you have time to save up. here is a link and there is a contact link at the top.

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  • Callie

    April 12, 2018 / at 3:59 amsvgReply

    Hi my name is Callie and I would love to get a private reading I’m from Utah and I’ve been In a very depressed stage the last 10 months I would love to have a reading with you or at least be put on your waiting list please

  • Christine Coppa

    April 9, 2018 / at 12:39 amsvgReply

    I’ve been trying to get a private reading since 2013

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    Contacting Theresa Caputo

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