Who else is looking to find your life purpose?

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut….unsure of where you are REALLY rooted and what truly makes you come alive?

To celebrate 25 years in business…….Psychic Source is hosting a 9 week social media self discovery program to help folks who are finding it difficult to move ahead or make informed and inspired decisions, all for free…and all from the comfort of home!

And on a personal note…while we rarely recommend telephone psychic services here on the directory, we’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with Psychic Source over the years, with hundreds of members from our readership getting readings, and 99% of the feedback we’ve gotten has been amazingly good. (I think in all the years we’ve had psychic source as a sponsor on our site as an advertiser – we’ve had only ONE person tell us they didn’t love their reading)

For more on the journey of self discovery check out the link below……and to check out how you can get an affordable reading from one of their expert advisors, you can go directly to their home page HERE!

Beginning on Monday April 7th and ending the week of Monday, June 2nd, the Journey will be hosted on the Psychic Source Facebook and Twitter platforms, and will provide a week-by-week framework, guiding participants to define one major goal that they will work to attain during the duration of the program.

“Anyone who wants to truly engage in a process of self-discovery is invited to participate in this special 9-week program,” says Maryanne Fiedler, Marketing Director for Psychic Source. “It’s completely free and you don’t have to contact our psychic Advisors at all, although you can certainly do so along the way, to get over any hurdles or speed bumps you may encounter.”

According to Ms. Fiedler, “We are so proud of our 25 years of providing support, healing and guidance to tens of thousands of customers, and now we want to open it up even further to include anyone who’s serious about making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.”

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