Mistake #1 – Not being Prepared

Want the very BEST advice you’ll ever get about seeing, speaking to or calling a professional reader?  Prepare yourself in advance for the reading.  Write down 3-5  questions in advance that you REALLY want to resolve.  If you can get 2 really insightful, illuminating or inspiring answers, you’ll come away from the experience feeling like it was a win!

Mistake #2:  Confusing and lumping all sorts of psychics and spiritual professionals together.

As we’ve discussed before, there are MAJOR differences between a psychic, a medium, a tarot reader, and astrologer and even some types of clairvoyants as well.   It’s in your best interests to do your due diligence when getting a reading…..not only on the reviews or ratings that a specific reader may have, but also on the TYPE of reading, and the psychic process that the person you seek to see uses to get information.

Mistake #3:  NOT leaving your skepticism at the door.

This is a pretty controversial idea, but I’m going to put it out there anyway.  I’m NOT one of those people who believes that you’ve got to believe, or accept, or simply “take” all information that you receive from a reading as gospel or truth.  I DO believe that we each have critical thinking abilities for a reason……and you should USE them, especially when seeking unconventional answers to pressing problems.  That said, a psychic reading should NOT be a confrontation, and if you can’t resist the urge to “test” your reader, or try to trick them or trip them up to check for cheating, the truth is….you are doing a disservice to both yourself, and the integrity of the person you are speaking to as well.

The truth is, if you plan properly, keep an open mind but DON’T let your brains fall out, and are kind, respectful and dignified during your reading, the likelihood of BOTH parties having a good energetic experience go UP exponentially.  The karma – and connection and COMFORT of both people during a reading is directly correlated to what sort of information comes through, and believe it or not, any good reader can feel the energy you bring to the table during your time together.

The Bottom Line?

Keep it real, and open, and honest and genuine…and let them prove to you they are genuine with good information.  (not through trick questions, or traps, like many people unfortunately use when seeking out spiritual guidance, especially online)

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