Myth #1: That a Good Psychics can predict lottery numbers

The truth? Intuition, precognition and psychic energy doesn’t work like that at all….and anyone who tells you it does, simply doesn’t understand how these phenomena manifest in the real world. While precognition, or the ability to see (or feel) the future IS a something that a good empath can demonstrate, it has as much to do with YOUR energy, as it does their intuitive ability. (and unfortunately, lottery numbers are NOT something that most genuine readers will tell you they can see)

Myth #2: All psychics speak to the dead

The truth? The vast majority of professional intuitives have no more connection to the other side than you do. We ALL have the ability to reach across the divide with practice and persistence, but psychic skills have very little to do with spiritually transformative experiences like speaking to the dead, sensing spirit or awareness of apparitions. While they are closely related skills and fields……A medium is NOT the same thing as a psychic, much like all doctors are NOT brain surgeons.

Myth #3: All mediums are also psychic

Mediumistic abilities, or the specific talent or awareness of spiritual energy IS traditionally considered a psychic skill, so it’s certainly fair to say that mediums are also psychic. However, much the way we discussed in myth #2, while a brain surgeon IS also a doctor, you probably wouldn’t want to trust a surgeon on matters of a common cold, or a rash or a pain in your knee, over and above a general practitioner, or a doctor who specializes in those problems, right? In my own experience, the vast majority of mediums are NOT all that skilled in the power of precognition, and are NOT all that accurate when predicting future events, especially when those events are not being dictated by spirit. On the other hand, while most genuine psychics are NOT so great at connecting with your favorite aunt on the other side….they DO have much more refined intuitive abilities and are far more likely to be able to see, feel and predict your future, than someone who specializes in more spiritual kinds of readings.

The BIG takeaway?

If you are truly curious about what a genuine psychic reading REALLY feels like, the best place to begin is to keep an open mind and an adventurous spirit, and simply have a personal experience with a reputable reader you can trust. The truth is ,there are tons of different myths and misinformation about what psychic abilities ARE and are not, and unfortunately…those who perpetuate these myths are on all sides of the spiritual, and skeptical fence as well!

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