Will I Ever Fall in Love? 3 Ways to Manifest True Love in 2020

When will I find my soulmate?  Will I ever discover true love?  Where is the perfect partner for me been hiding?  Does the “Universe” want me to be happy…..and if not, WHY not?  Why is everyone else in a relationship that is magical and meaningful, where I spend all of MY time alone?  Any of these questions sound familiar?  

If you are anything like the tens of thousands of women who have read our articles on love, karma, intuition, romance, relationship and ATTRACTING unlimited emotional abundance, the truth is, the most frequent question we get is how to attract the man (or woman) of our hopes, destiny and dreams.    

If that sounds like you……here are 3 super simple spiritual strategies for not only attracting unlimited abundance in your life, but activating the emotional energy that directly leads to the karma of connection….and ultimately, your spiritual soulmate as well!

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Here is the #1 thing I’ve learned over 20 years of intuitive readings.  Each and every one of us comes into this world to be reunited with our soulmate or spiritual partner.  I believe that the SINGLE most important thing we are here to do is to love….and BE loved.

Here are 3 simple steps to not only finding true love, but activating the emotional energy that will help you manifest exactly who it is that you want to meet, and quite often……in just about 6 months or less.


The very first step in manifesting anything in life is setting the intention.  When it comes to intuition, and literally being able to see your own future, the only real psychic skill you need to cultivate is NOT clairvoyance, but to set an intention to have your dreams come true.


What do you see when you look into your future?  What does it FEEL like to be happy, in love and totally filled with joy?  Feel the sensation of being loved….and in love.  This is the next step to manifesting what (and who) it is that you really want in life, and when you do….the universe will conspire with you to make it happen!


Now, invite who it is that you want to be in your life….INTO your life!  So many people skip this step, and it is incredibly important not to.  You have to invite the energy you want to appear for it to manifest, and without the actual verbal invitation, your results from this practice will be less than you’d like.  (although still a lot better than doing nothing at all 🙂

Bonus tip –

Recognition!  You also need to be able to recognize who it is that you are waiting for….when he (or she) shows UP in your world!  So many people I’ve read or coached or counseled have literally done this exercise and manifested who it is that they’ve wanted to meet…..only to find out that they didn’t recognize them once they’ve appeared!  (and sadly, in some cases, those people have moved on and away thereafter)  

The key takeaway?

Make sure that you cultivate the consciousness that will allow you to be AWARE of who it is that you are waiting for….and to recognize them once they appear!  (because if you are spiritually sincere they will, I promise!)

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