How accurate are tarot cards?  What can a reading REALLY tell you about your future?  Can you make important life decisions based on the information that comes through during a tarot card session?  If not…..why not, and what are some ways for improving the accuracy and integrity of a reading?  Any of these questions sound familiar/  If you are anything like the thousands of people who have life purpose or directional questions and use energy, intuition or spiritual tools to help guide you, this quick introduction to tarot was written with you in mind!  Curious to know more?  Continue reading as we take a bit of a closer look below.

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1 – Tarot cards are a symbolic tool.  This is the BIGGEST thing to understand when using this sort of technique to either “divine” your future…..or help you make important decisions on things that are upcoming in your life.  When I say a symbolic tool it simply means THIS:  The imagery and interpretation of the cards is dependent on the perspective, and the personality of the reader.  As a matter of fact, 2 different psychics or professional tarot card readers could literally give you WILDLY different readings, on the same exact set or spread.  Understanding that tarot is NOT an objective tool or technique (like some other spiritual “truths” can be) is an important first step in understanding the spiritual significance of what you (and your reader) sees.

2 – Nothing is set in stone.  This is a much deeper topic than we can possibly cover in one short article, but the truth is, the future is ALWAYS  represented in psychic readings through possibilities and potentials.  There are so many factors that go into how our lives unfold…..from our own karma, our connection and “soul contracts” with others, our spiritual life lessons that ebb and flow and change all of the time, and so much more that I couldn’t even begin to list in this short space.  

The key takeaway is this:  Don’t allow your reading to unduly influence your emotional state, UNLESS the reading serves as a warning of what NOT to do.  (in which case, if the reading resonates, I do recommend people avoid or try to pass on participating in things where danger arises in the spread, especially if you’ve had multiple readings with a similar message)

3 – Lastly, remember THIS one spiritual truth and it will set you free.  All of life is a lesson in learning, growing, going and flowing in the direction of your destiny.  As the famous Marianne Williamson quote suggests – you ARE a spiritual being having a very human experience, and not the other way around.  Be true to that journey…and remember that nothing is EVER the end.  It’s just a continuation of life – either on THIS side, or the next!


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