Q: When does the new season of the Long Island Medium Start?  Are there new episodes of Theresa Caputo and family planned for 2014….and if so, when do they begin?

A:  I can’t tell you how often we get asked about Theresa Caputo and her show…….without question, a testament to how popular she is as a personality, but also, how much interest there is in mediumship, spiritual connection and in the millions of people who quietly believe in an afterlife, and crave a communication with their own loved ones in spirit.

(a spiritual sign of the times that gives me great hope as well!)

While we have absolutely nothing to do with the show – (strangely many people seem to think all psychic or spiritual sites are “related” 🙂 the good news is, if you are a psychic junkie and BIG fan of the Long Island Medium, BRAND NEW episodes officially start on Sunday, March 9th!
Check out the full schedule at the link below….as well as other special programming featuring Theresa and family as they bring their psychic “circus” into the lives of millions once again this spring and summer season!

Next episode:  On the Road: San Francisco New  Sun, Mar 9 9:00 PM
Theresa’s in San Francisco, where she visits the Haight-Ashbury district, rides cable cars and tours wine country, but also helps some area residents, including a woman who survived an accident that took a friend’s life; a woman whose mother was murdered; and the youngest…
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