How to Lean on Your Angels in Spirit (When You Are Feeling All Alone)

Why do I always feel so spiritually alone, abandoned and EMPTY on the inside?  Where are my guardian angels?  Where are my loved ones that I have lost?  If all of this spiritual “truth” is really REAL…..why do I perpetually feel so alone in the world, and so forgotten?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The truth is, if you are a believer in angels, guides and personal protectors from above, one of the most challenging aspects of maintaining your belief happens in times of crisis, confusion and even doubt.

And it’s really NOT your fault.

That applies to ALL of us, and in my own worldview and spiritual perspective, the world is just sort of constructed that way as well – to always give us glimmer and glimpses of something bigger, bolder and more beautiful….but never quite offering up the sort of overwhelming evidence we need to be 100% certain, all of the time.

That said, it IS easy to lean on your angels in times of crisis…..or confusion, and it really requires very little of you at all, other than one simple subtle spiritual shift in how you look at the world around you.

For example…..rather than asking “Why Me” questions that have no answers…..ask empowering questions that do.

I’ve shared this story a bunch of times in the past, but I’ll share it again here.  I have a good friend who is a spiritual teacher, author and speaker who really LIVES his words.  He’s faced more adversity than most of combined……from health hardships, to family challenges, to natural disasters, and has been counted “out” more times than I can count.

And yet….with each new obstacle that crops up in his life, he asks one simple EMPOWERING question.

“What NEW challenge will God put in front of me today?”

He credits this attitude as having arisen from an experience he had about 20 years ago with a guardian angel who appeared to him at his lowest point.  He was told, in that brief experience with a spiritual guide….that all of life was one simple experience in spiritual growth and evolution….and that there were NO real problems.  Everything, in the end…would always be okay.

And that each of us DID come into this world with a very specific path, and purpose…and even an agenda of obstacles to overcome.

The more of those challenges you face with fierce grace and an enthusiastic embrace, the more meaningful and magical this life becomes.

Your guardian angels are always there.  Always watching.  And they RARELY intervene.  Not because they don’t want to help.  But instead, because it’s not their place.  Or their role.

They simply make sure if you get too far off track…..they are around to give you a gentle nudge back in the direction of your destiny 🙂

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