Does Everyone have a guardian angel?  When are angels or spirit guides most likely to appear?  Can a guardian angel protect me from harm, or help me in times of danger, crisis or confusion?

And if guardian angels are NOT real….why do so many people report seeing them in moments of crisis…..or danger, or even deep dark depression where we are feeling MOST vulnerable?

While skeptics, cynics and debunkers want you to believe that seeing an angel is a sign of weakness, or emotional instability, or wishful thinking…..or even being intellectually untethered, the simple truth is, MANY people….even MILLIONS of people, have had personal experiences where they are 100% sure they have been visited by a personal protector from above.

And these people are NOT the sort of spiritually gullible folks that the “non believers” want you to believe are most likely to speak of seeing angels, guides and other ethereal entities.  As a matter of fact, there have been books written in just the last few years detailing how some of the most adventurous, and intellectually rigorous members of society – adventurers, extreme athletes, climbers, divers, jumpers and all sorts of writers, artists and explorers have had personal encounters with beings that they claimed helped them navigate difficult terrain….and were NOT of this world as well.

These energetic angels have actually been giving a “name” by some of the very folks who study this phenomena – and it’s called the “3rd man syndrome”

Check out this video done by ABC news on guardian angels…..OR, share your own angelic outlook in our community section and let us know what YOU believe.


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