Q:  Who is the most famous psychic of all time?  Is there one psychic, medium, clairvoyant or “sensitive” who stands head and shoulders above the rest? 

The truth is, there are many, many well known “celebrity” psychics and mediums that may come immediately to mind, but when you really look at the HISTORY of gifted intuitives who have a very public record of predictions, and precognitive proclomations that HAVE in fact stood up to scrutiny, the 2 most famous names historically, are probably Nostradamus….and more recently, Edgar Caycee.

This is a pretty good documentary that discusses both the predictions (or quatraines) transcribed by Nostradamus, and the incredible intuitive insights shared more recently, in the 20th century, by Edgar Cayce.

Much more to come on both – both check out the documentary –  and you are welcome to share your thoughts on the forum, or in the community comments – enjoy!