Richard Ireland was one of the great psychics, mediums and spiritual teachers of the last century……although he is unfortunately, not all that well known.

His demonstrations, often in public via TV and radio are considered classics and are legendary for those “in the know”….including often baffling and befuddling well known skeptics and cynics who weren’t all that “friendly” to the idea of psychic powers, an afterlife or anything considered new age or nonsensical.

His son, Mark Ireland, has done a fantastic job helping the world rediscover his fathers work.…especially, in light of Mark’s tragic loss of his own son, and the many odd premonitions and spiritual syncronicities that have brought him back to appreciating what his father did so well, so many years ago.

A great story – and great footage of Richard Ireland on the Steve Allen show…….remember, this was well before day time TV, cable and the widespread opportunity to watch the wonderful world of magic, mystery and meaningful mediumship unfold on a grand stage.