Tyler Henry Best Readings

Tyler Henry Best Readings

Community feedback. (one of our favorite youtube comments on Tyler Henry’s reading)

I’m also a medium but rarely mention it publically. On the evening of the tragedy with John and Carolyn, and well before any info/news was transmitted, a woman came into my bedroom (a woman in spirit). She was tall, and had very dark hair kinda stringy and plastered to her head. I’ve rarely seen a person on Earth in the body as angry as she was, much less in spirit. And her message/impressiosn was that she was exceedingly aware she was dying and that she was ENRAGED because it was someone else’s fault and was unfair to her and she was a fully noncompliant victim. I had no idea who the woman was, and felt I’d never seen her before, and wondered why she chose ME to visit that evening. Days later, I saw on TV a picture of Carolyn a few years before, and lo and behold she had very dark hair! Who knew! and THEN I recognized that my visitor was Carolyn Kennedy. I further realized that her dark hair, stringy and plastered ,was due to her hair being sopping wet! I will NEVER as long as my Soul exists, forget the rage in that woman, and I send her blessings every time that crosses my mind. I’ve only told one or two people of this, but I share it here because she needs her story told and I’m honored she shared a portion of it with me that evening (it was the wee hours of Saturday, a few hours after the crash, I later learned). And I am very grateful for this reading as it confirms she has moved beyond the anger, healed, and is fully restored. (When I do readings for those who have passed, almost always they refer back to their last moments on Earth, often revealing in great detail their injury, illness, or the details they experienced for those precious parting seconds.)

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