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KARMIC-LOGOWho are the best psychics in New York City?

Think you need to see a celebrity psychic or TV medium to get an eye opening or astonishing evidential reading in NYC?

Think again!

While some of the very biggest names in the psychic universe certainly ARE from the Big Apple…..we routinely get readers and visitors who will tell us about incredible, evidential, illuminating and inspiring readings they got from a local reader who is NOT all that well known in the broader industry, and very well may deserve to be.

One such NYC psychic is Betsy Cohen – who we don’t have any personal experience with, have had several emails over the last week suggesting that we really ought to have her listed in our directory of best NYC light workers and spiritual teachers.

Who do you think are the best psychics and mediums in New York?  Have you had a reading from someone who is incredibly accurate, or interesting, or deserves a bit more acclaim?  Let us KNOW – and we’re happy to add them to the list of readers we feature here, so that other people who can benefit can get the help, hope and healing that a really good reading can often provide.

For more on Betsy Cohen – check out her website, and enthusiastic reviews and testimonials from local clients… the link below!

“Betsy is beyond any description. She is THE MOST amazing healer I have ever met. With the amazing accuracy on what she sees and understand about my situation, she has helped me to go through the most difficult and challenging period of my life. The messages she got for me have been of invaluable help and always true, clear and precise. I never had thought that this was possible before meeting her. At the same time, she has helped me open to my own intuition and develop new tools to deal with life. Thanks Betsy for sharing your gift with us with a compassionate and caring mode.”-Patricia D.“I feel very grateful for Betsy for the 30 minute session I had with her over Skype. She touched on a lot of things that really helped me understand more a lot of core issues in my life. She also channeled my grandmother and provided me messages from her which touched me deeply. Betsy is different in that she gets straight to the essence of things while being very practical and providing advice in a much more straight forward way that can actually help. As someone who is usually very skeptical of most psychics and clairvoyants, I know that Betsy is someone I can trust for her skill, her talent, and her ability to truly help people with her gift. Will definitely book again one day in the future.” -Alex K.

Testimonials – New York City Psychic

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