Is John Edward the psychic medium legitimate?

What do people who have seen him say about his abilities, or private readings?

And how to the skeptics and cynics tend to discredit and discount what he does?

The truth is, people like John Edward are ALWAYS going to earn the ire of those who believe that psychic abilities, and especially psychic abilities that deal with speaking to the dead, are 100% impossible.

As we’ve written about in the past… always amazes me how quickly people are to discount all psychic and spiritual experiences, simply because they haven’t experienced anything similar themselves, or because they simply listen to a skeptical sound bite…and believe that what they hear sounds smart, so it must be true.

The most common one?

That because no one has “passed” the “James Randi Million Dollar Psychic Challenge”……it proves psychics are all frauds and imposters and that there are no such things as real psychic experiences. 

Of course this is complete and utter BS… the “million dollar psychic challenge” is in of itself a big publicity scam, with those who run it openly admiting that they have genuine hostility for all psychic and spiritual claims – and many who have participated in the “challenge” in years past have admitted it’s set up in such a way as to discredit ANYONE who comes in and takes the test in the first place. 

Of course the irony is –

Being a professional skeptic – if you do it well –  pays a whole lot more in publicity – and book deals – and speaking engagements – than 99.9% of the working psychics will ever make.  

So what does all of this have to do with John Edward?

I just read a whole new skeptical attack on Edwards mediumship – with claims that he puts “plants” in the audience – wears a hidden microphone and does background checks on callers and clients well before they ever come in or call for their appointment.

To which I say – all a bunch of silly nonsense.  (and from personal experience with Edward myself – I can tell you it’s 100% untrue)

Here is a good interview with Dr. Oz about his experience with John Edward and how he came to believe that Edward was in fact doing something extraordinary during his time on the show….and NOT doing what he anticipated he would do – when reading the skeptical arguments in advance.  (which was our experience exactly as well)

And while there ARE in fact many psychics and mediums who ARE fakes, or simply not very good at doing what they promise……there ARE in fact many who will blow you away, and change your world view on what is possible when you open your mind.


TV Guide Magazine: The idea of you — one of western medicine’s best known and respected figures — finding healing value in talking to the dead is intriguing. It’s pretty monumental, really. What gives?Oz: [Laughs] Trust me, I was probably the last person who ever thought we’d have John Edward on our show! But it turned out to be great and not at all what I expected. Let me tell you, it changed my life! It was the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had — and I’ve seen and done a lot!

TV Guide Magazine: What prompted you to book him?

Oz: It’s funny.

My wife and I had gone on vacation a while back with several friends — five couples — and I happened to ask how many of them believed in the afterlife. Seven of the people were believers — five women and two men — and I was very intrigued by that. It was much more than I expected. We also found out there’s a Pew poll [from 2008] that says 74 percent of the American public believes there is an afterlife. So, basically, we had John on the show because I’m all about learning. I’ve always liked the guy. He seems authentic, not at all like a charlatan. I’ve learned in my career that there are times when science just hasn’t caught up with things, and I think this may be one of them.

Dr. Oz Says Psychic John Edward “Changed My Life” – Today’s News: Our Take |

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